eleonora is starting up this collection with the aim of producing clothes for women that are timeless, functional and feminine.

Clothes designed to flatter, based on good cuts, careful confection and selected raw materials.

We work in linen, because it is a classic, natural, durable fabric which is also healthy and elegant.

The passage of time embellishes linen, enabling us to reencounter it with pleasure every spring.

Because we want to do things right, and this takes time, our dresses are not mass-produced, ? but made one by one with an artisan finish.

For the same reason Eleonora does not create ephemeral collections, but prefers to make your wardrobe grow gradually, with garments that are a safe solutions for many and diverse occasions.


we go out we work we help we read we laugh we take care we drive we listen we think we argue we defend we protect we travelwe rest we enjoy ourselves we get angry we suffer we investigate we organise we restart we talk we create we give birth we imagine we harmonise we embellish we love we choose we judge we bear we inspire we digress we dream we unite we cultivate
we hide we doubt we defend ourselves we get scared we fall in love we study we feed ourselves we make mistakes we get ready we cook we vote we pilotwe grow old we get excited we understand we teach we sing we order we dance we learn we plant we direct we give advice we silencewe cry we seduce we enjoywe breathe we share...